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New Multi-Level Homes Starting From $599,900

New Multi-Level Homes Starting From $599,900


Below are answers to commonly asked questions regarding the process for viewing, completing your purchase, and taking possession of your new home at City Homes. Our process is designed to follow current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) guidance related to Covid-19. CDC guidance may change over the next several months as the Covid-19 situation evolves, and we will contact you directly to advise of any adjustments to the buyer process.  


Purchasing a new home is a very exciting time and we are working hard to ensure your buyer process is completed safely. Our goal is to provide homeowners with a positive experience and a high level of service which includes prioritizing your well-being.  

Covid-19 Disclaimer

Who is the Property Management Company & Point of Contact?

Theoharis Management LLC is the Managing Agent for your condominium association, and we look forward to working with you as you transition and settle into your new home. We value the importance of communication and set high-performance standards for ourselves.


Theoharis Management LLC provides routine management services. We oversee and maintain the Condominium efficiently while upholding and enhancing property values. Our service to the City Homes Condominium includes financial management of the Association, working with contractors and vendors, and working with the Board of Directors on matters of the Association.


For any questions or concerns, please email  Your property manager is Christina Theoharis.  You may also call our 24-hour answering service at (202) 387-0881.  Your call will be promptly dispatched and returned within 24 hours for emergencies and the next business day for non-emergencies.  Email is preferred for all communications.

How are HOA Fees Handled?

Theoharis Management LLC provides property and financial management services to the Association, including the collection of monthly association fee payments from homeowners. Payments are due on the first of each month and must be made electronically through THE dedicated Online Payment Portal (OPP).


Instructions on registering with the OPP can be found via the link here, or – if you are receiving this via hardcopy – as an attachment to this memo. Further information will be provided by Theoharis Management LLC after settlement.

I Am Currently Renting Somewhere Else - When Can I Give My Notice?

As the developer, we are unable to provide advice on this matter, other than to say that if you give notice

to your present landlord and your current lease/tenancy terminates before your new residence at City Homes 

is ready, you will be responsible for any interim accommodation and all associated costs

(i.e. moving costs, storage, etc.)  

Can I See My Home Before Settlement?

Yes. Our team is working hard to prepare for your initial suite orientation, also known as your Pre-Settlement Inspection (PSI). The PSI is an opportunity, within the time allotted, for you to view your suite prior to closing, take any pictures or measurements you may need, and to familiarize yourself with the general features and operating systems within it. You will conduct the PSI alongside the Homeowner Care Representative who will be there to provide you with general information about the building and your suite, answer your questions, and track deficiencies should any be found.  


The Homeowner Care Representative is a trained professional who is working alongside the seller and the construction team. They have extensive knowledge of the industry and are a resource and support for you through the process. Your Homeowner Care Representative will reach out to you or your sales agent by e-mail or telephone to schedule your PSI appointment and provide you/and or your agent with all the information you need in order to make your PSI experience pleasant and productive.  


Please note, due to Covid-19 safety requirements, a maximum of 5 people (buyer(s), buyer’s inspector, Grosvenor Homeowner Care Representative and/or sales agent) are permitted to attend the PSI, and we ask that you do not bring children or pets to this meeting.  

I May Be Out Of Town On My Settlement Date.  Can I Change or Delay My Settlement Date?

The developer will work with buyers to determine an appropriate closing date based on the agreed to

sales contract terms.

Can I Delay My Move-In Until I Am Ready to

Move Out Of My Current Home?

Yes. However, this does not change your Settlement Date. 

How Can I Prepare For The Settlement Process?

Sales Agent: A sales agent is required to facilitate the purchase of your new home at City Homes. If you do not have one, McWilliams|Ballard is available to represent both seller and buyer.


Mortgage: If you have chosen to use a mortgage to finance your new home at City Homes, we encourage you to initiate your mortgage financing soon. If your financing is already in place, please forward the financing details to your Sales Agent at your earliest convenience. In addition, please advise your financial institution that appraisers will be able to view the suites after your PSI. Appraisal appointments can be made by contacting your Homeowner Care Representative.  Please note, financial institutions typically provide mortgage pre-approvals for a set period of time. We, as the developer, cannot guarantee your new home will be complete within your mortgage pre-approval window. Please maintain open communication with your

financial representatives as closing nears to ensure any alterations to your financing arrangements can be made, if needed. 

When Will I Get My Keys?

At Settlement, the title company will provide the keys to you so long as all necessary paperwork has been completed. We are not able to release keys prior to the Settlement Date. 

At Settlement, you will be given the following set of keys:

Two (2) key fobs for the primary building entrances, stairwell doors, elevators, and the

overflow package room in the garage

Two (2) common area keys for the primary building entrances, stairwell doors,

overflow package room in the garage, and telecom room in the garage

Two (2) mailbox keys | Two (2) balcony/patio door keys for each exterior door

Two (2) gate keys (ground-level units only)  | One (1) garage clicker per parking space (if you have parking)

When Can I Schedule My Move-In Date?

Your move-in appointment can be scheduled on any date following your Settlement Date. Instructions regarding how to book your move-in date, including elevator reservation, will be included in the Welcome Package you will receive along with your keys.  Move-ins cannot be booked prior to Settlement.


Following your Settlement, any changes to your move-in appointment must be made

through the Move-In Coordinator:


Kathleen Hyder | Town and Country Movers Inc.

1-800-683-6683 |

What Is The "30-Day Check-In" Inspection?

Is This Common? What Can I Expect?

Our priority is to ensure you feel supported throughout this process and we do not think it should stop at Settlement. After you move-in, your Homeowner Care Representative will reach out to schedule a 30-Day Check-In follow-up. This is completely optional, however highly encouraged. This appointment is an opportunity to discuss any lingering or new questions you may have about the property and/or your suite. If there are deficiencies that remain to be addressed after closing due to delivery delays and/or unforeseen circumstances, this touchpoint serves as final confirmation the deficiencies were addressed and/or resolved as agreed to at closing.

When Do I Find Out My Parking Allocation?

Your Homeowner Care Representative will show you your parking allocation during your PSI.  

Is it Possible To Choose The Location Of My Parking?

No. Once you receive the location of your parking, the location cannot be changed. 

Will I Receive A Tour Of The Lobby & Building Operations Before I Move-In?

Yes. Grosvenor’s Homeowner Care Representative will provide a building orientation during your PSI. The building may be under construction during your PSI, which means that some common areas may not be fully accessible.  

Do I Need To Set-Up A DC Water Account For My New Home?

Yes, prior to closing you will need to set up your DC Water and Pepco account.  

What Warranty Does The Developer Offer?

Please refer to your Purchase Contract, as well as the following information: Section 42-1903.16(b) of the Condominium Act of 1976 (Condominium Act) requires that a condominium developer warrant the condominium common elements and each condominium unit against structural defects for two years from the date each unit is conveyed from the developer to a purchaser. A “structural defect” is defined by the Condominium Act as:


A component installed by the developer diminishing safety or stability below standards commonly accepted in the real estate industry, or restricting “normally intended use” of part or all the unit and/or structure; and which requires repair, renovation, restoration, or replacement.

Under the Condominium Act, a developer secures the warranty obligations by posting a bond, a letterof credit or cash in the amount of 10 percent of the estimated construction or conversion costs to satisfypotential structural defect claims.


 For individual units, the warranty period runs for two years, beginning on the date the developer conveys title to a unit purchaser. For common elements, the warranty period runs for two years beginning from the date the developer conveys the first unit to a unit purchaser or closing of the common elements, whichever date is later.

The Building Will Have A Condo Association Insurance, Do I Really Need Personal Insurance Coverage?

Yes. Unlike owning a single-family residence, condo dwellers do not own the whole building they live in or the land it sits on. Your condo or homeowner’s association will carry a master policy to insure the building and common areas, but you will need your own condo insurance policy to protect your unit and the personal belongings inside it.


Condo insurance covers what your HOA will not, like repairing the inside of your unit after disasters, replacing damaged or stolen belongings, and paying liability costs if guests are injured there. You’ll often see condo insurance described as HO-6 insurance, which refers to one of several home insurance policy forms used industry wide.


As mentioned in the “What Warranty Does the Developer Offer?” section, if you experience any issues that are covered by the Condominium Structural Defect Warranty you will not be required to make a claim under your personal insurance policy. Issues covered under the warranty will be resolved directly through a warranty claim with the DC Department of Housing and Community Development with no cost to you as the homeowner. 

How Do I Authorize Package Deliveries and Visitor Access into the Building?

There are two separate systems that control access to City Homes.  The first is the front entry panel and fob system that connects residents’ phone numbers with their fob information to allow access into the building by “buzzing” visitors and vendors in.


The second is the ButterflyMX system, which is a comprehensive, secure, and easy-to-use platform that puts convenience at your fingertips for package deliveries and visitor access.  THIS IS THE PREFERRED SYSTEM DESIGNATED FOR RESIDENTS TO MANAGE PACKAGE DELIVERIES AND VISITOR ACCESS.

How Do I Set Up ButterflyMX??


Provide your email address to property management at You will then receive a registration email. Click the link in that email and register using the same email address you provided.



Once registered, download the ButterflyMX mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to your smartphone or tablet.



Once the ButterflyMX mobile app has been downloaded, open the mobile app and login using the email address and password you created during registration.

How do carriers securely deliver packages?


Using the ButterflyMX interface at the building entrance, the carrier will click on the ‘Delivery’ icon on the screen and enter the delivery    pin that you have been provided via the ButterflyMX app.


If you do not have a delivery pin, please reach out to Theoharis Management.   In that instance, the carrier will select  ‘No Delivery Pin’ on the ButterflyMX interface and a call will be made to you to provide instructions to the carrier as to where to deliver the package(s).


Packages will initially be placed on shelves located in the ground floor Trash Room/Package Room. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the Porter will move any uncollected packages to the secured overflow package room in the garage. More detailed information regarding this process will be included in your Welcome Letter.

How Do I Authorize Package Deliveries and Visitor Access into the Building?

There are two separate systems that control access to City Homes.  The first is the front entry panel and fob system that connects residents’ phone numbers with their fob information to allow access into the building by “buzzing” visitors and vendors in.


The second is the ButterflyMX system, which is a comprehensive, secure, and easy-to-use platform that puts convenience at your fingertips for package deliveries and visitor access.  THIS IS THE PREFERRED SYSTEM DESIGNATED FOR RESIDENTS TO MANAGE PACKAGE DELIVERIES AND VISITOR ACCESS.

Shared Community Facilities

Where is the Bike Room? 

The bike room is located on the east end of the garage. It is a shared space with the 1625 Eckington Condos and the Judd & Weiler Apartments. Judd and Weiler manages the bike room.


How do I obtain access to the Bike Room? 

Your building key will unlock the door to the bike room, and you can use that when you first move in. However, you will need to register your bikes with the community and with MPD, which will require you to submit owner information and a picture of your bike. Please send your MPD registration, owner information, and the photo of your bike to Theoharis, and they will send it along to Judd and Weiler. Once your fob has been activated, you will be able to pick it up from the Judd and Weiler offices at 1611 Eckington Place, NE.



Is parking, loading, or unloading permitted on Quincy Lane? 

As dictated by the master association binding City Homes, 1625 Eckington, and Judd & Weiler, parking, loading, and unloading are all expressly prohibited on the shared, private street that runs between Eckington Place and Harry Thomas Way.


Please be aware that the managing agent for the master association has the authority to ticket and tow vehicles in violation of this regulation on an as-needed basis

Who Maintains the Common Areas of the Building and Grounds, including Trash & Recycling?

Job Well Done (JWD) is the cleaning company/porter that is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the building’s common area.  They are on-site Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 AM to 2:30 PM and are tasked with

1) cleaning all common areas and 2) removing the recycling from the trash rooms on each floor and bringing it down into the main trash room in the garage.


Trash and recycling are collected three (3) times a week on Tuesday, Thursday,

and Saturday. Pickup intervals may be modified as Management determines

patterns of use.

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