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New Multi-Level Homes Starting From $599,900

New Multi-Level Homes Starting From $599,900

Settlement Process

Grosvenor is committed to providing a high level of service to make the closing and move-in process as smooth as possible. Below you will find an overview of the process ahead, with more information coming available as we approach completion. 


As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, our Homeowner Care Team is considering possible changes to this process should they be needed. Any changes will be communicated to you by e-mail. It is important to open and carefully read the e-mails you receive from us. 


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to your Homeowner Care Representative, Julia Wright, at

The Settlement Process Overview

1. Settlement Contact Details

We will reach out to confirm your personal contact details, as well as the contact details for your legal and financial representatives who will be facilitating the settlement process.

2. Pre-Settlement Inspection

Your Pre-Settlement Inspection (PSIs) will take place approximately two weeks prior to your settlement date. Your Grosvenor Homeowner Care Representative will reach out via email or telephone to schedule your PSI. This is your opportunity, within the time allotted, to view your new residence prior to completion, familiarize yourself with the general features and operating systems within it, identify any deficiencies requiring correction and take any measurements or photos needed. 

3. Settlement / Key Acceptance

On your Settlement Date, the title company will provide the keys to you so long as all necessary paperwork has been completed. 

Unless otherwise agreed to, Settlement will occur on-site in model Unit 108.

4. Moving In

You can schedule your move-in appointment on any available date following your Settlement Date. Grosvenor and Theoharis Management have selected Town & Country Movers, Inc. as the preferred moving company for City Homes and the general Move-In Coordinator for the building.


Amber Kuenzli | Town and Country Movers Inc.

5. Grosvenor Homeowner Care 

Before Settlement, you will have access to the City Homes Homeowner Care Webpage as well as your Grosvenor Homeowner Care Representative. Upon Settlement you will be provided with the following: 

Homeowner Guide | Quick Reference Guide

Contact information to make your initial move-in reservation 

Access to the Property Management Online Platform  

Access to the Conasys Homeowner Portal which provides important details about the features of your home, care and maintenance instructions, user manuals, and the online form to submit deficiency and warranty related requests 

6. Post-Settlement Check-In

Approximately 30 days following your Settlement Date, your Homeowner Care Representative with contact you to schedule the Post-Settlement Check-In with you.  This is completely optional, however highly encouraged. This appointment is an opportunity discuss any lingering or new questions you may have about the property and/or your suite. If there are deficiencies that remain to be addressed after settlement due to delivery delays or unforeseen circumstance, this touchpoint serves as final confirmation the deficiencies were addressed and/or resolved as agreed to at Settlement.

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